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Naughtiest Girl Series - Enid Blyton

This series has been authored by Enid Blyton in 1940-50s. This has Elizabeth Allen, as the main character, who is actually a spoilt brat!!! Her antics make all her governesses run away and then she is packed off to a boarding school e.g. Whyteleafe. This boarding school is rather progressive for the times in which it existed...!!! Nevertheless, our Elizabeth Allen throws up all her tantrums here, plays all sorts of pranks but eventually learns to behave....!!!

The main character Elizabeth Allen is joined by other important and interesting characters, friends, foes, foes-turned-friends, like, Joan Townsend, Robert Jones, Kathleen and Julian Arabella.

The later books in this series have been authored by Anne Digby, of Trebizon Series fame.

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Naughtiest Girl Series (10 Books) Naughtiest Girl Series - Enid Blyton
Naughtiest Girl Series (10 Books)
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