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[Regular Titles] 674. Vasavadatta

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Edition: Paperback
Language: English
Author: Anant Pai
Year: 2004
Publisher: India Book House Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 81-7508-199-6
Pages: 31

The popular Story as told in Buddhist Lore

The story of King Udayana and Princess Vasavadaata was very well known in ancient India. Early writers were inspired by this story and made it the subject of poems and dramas. Bhasa wrote the ?Swapnavasavadatta? in Sanskrit, which is unique for its literary value. ?Vasavadatta? by Subandhu is another great work on the same theme.

This popular story was re-echoed in Pali and Prakrit literature. In Dhamma-pada-atthakatha (5th century A.D.), on which this illustrated classic is based, we get an elaborate account of the story of Vasavadatta and Udayana.

King Pradyota of Ujjaini is disturbed to learn from his minister that Udayana of Kasushambi is a greater king than he is. He tricks Udayana into captivity. But his daughter Vasavadatta and Udayana fall in love. How Udayana escapes with Vasavadatta is told in pictures in the following pages.

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