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[Ruskin Bond Books] Assorted Set of Ruskin Bond(20 Books)

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Edition: Paperback
Language: English
Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Rupa & Co.

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The assorted set offered includes 20 available books listed below.

Products Included in this Set



Potpourri is a collection of choicest stories from the treasure trove of the indisputable master storyteller Ruskin Bond. Covering an array of themes horror, romance, humour, crime and mystery - these tales fo continued ...


Rendezvous With Horror

From the inimitable master anthologiser Ruskin Bond comes another collection of spine-chilling tales - Rendezvous with Horror. Each story, carefully selected by Ruskin Bond, marks a unique blend of the quaint continued ...


Road To MussoOrie

Roads to Mussoorie is a memorable evocation of a writer's surroundings and the role they have played in his work and life. With an endearing affection and nostalgia for his home of over forty years, Rusking B continued ...


Shudders In The Dark

Those who believe in the cold light of reason and its certain triumph over darkness are in for a surprise. These select tales are meant to arouse nervousness not to be overcome by simple rationality. There are continued ...


Strange Men Strange Places

Strange men they were. Soldiers, mercenaries, free-booters. Europeans all, braving the heat and dust of India. They fought for wealth, for glory, and for sheer fun. Their glorious and inglorious exploits are f continued ...


Tales And Legends From India

SHEHERAZADE, whose life depended upon her ability to turn out one tale after another, night after Arabian night, would, I'am sure, have approved of my devoting most of my life to story-telling'. Although in no continued ...


The Pupa Book Of Himalayan Tales

The Rupa Book of Ruskin Bond's Himalayan Tales is Ruskin Bond's own collection of short stories, essays and poems. The theme for the collection is of course the hills. Whether it is nature, people, places or e continued ...


The Road To The Bazaar

On a visit to Delhi with his parents, Mukesh spent two crowded hours at the zoo. He was dazzled by the many colourful birds, fascinated by the reptiles, charmed by the gibbons and chimps and awestruck by the b continued ...


The Rupa Book Of Eerie Stories

A haunted old house, a terrifying werewolf, the echoes of a heinous crime, the mark of a sinister beast . . . these and many more grisly tales are here in this compilation of eerie stories that will take you t continued ...


The Rupa Book Of Favourite Fairy Tales

Magical stories loved by children all over the globe, fairy tales have remained firm favourites of readers for centuries. In this collection, Ruskin Bond offers to you his favourite fairy tales, bringing toget continued ...


The Rupa Book Of Great Animal Stories

Here are exciting tales of hair-breadth escapes and thrilling encounters in the wild - stories of man's relationships with other living creatures, furred or feathered, fierce or friendly. All the stories were continued ...


The Rupa Book Of Great Crime Stories

Danger lurks between these covers... Dangerous men and women who will stop at nothing, not even murder, to gain their ends. Unlikely killers, some of them. They wouldn't hurt a fly...but wouldn't hesitate to s continued ...


The Rupa Book Of Great Escapes

Ruskin Bond brings to the comfort and safety of your armchair a collection of inspiring and hair-raising stories of courage and wits, from dangerous and exotic locales all over the world. The stories in this continued ...


The Rupa Book Of Great Suspense Stories

Mystery and terror lurk in the pages of these great suspense tales writen by some of the masters of the short story during the last hundred years. Ruskin Bond has been collecting stories of mystery, suspense continued ...


The Rupa Book Of Love Stories

In this new Rupa anthology, Ruskin Bond has brought together some wonderfully moving love stories written by master storytellers such as Oscar Wilde, O'Henry, Anthony Hope and Guy de Maupassant. The stories ca continued ...


The Rupa Book Of Scary Stories

13 hair-raising stories to make your flesh creep! From phantom rickshaws to faceless horrors, terror stalk the streets, the circus arena, the waxworks, the haunted manor, the Simla Mall. . . . Here are literar continued ...


The Rupa Book Of Shikar Stories

Thrilling tales of true adventure in the jungles of India! Big game hunters and others describe their encounters with man-eating tigers, musth elephants, panthers, and other predators in a land still teeming w continued ...


The Rupa Book Of Snappy Surprises

Over the ages, story-telling has been a challenge and passion for writers across the world. Keeping a reader's attention and interest alive is no easy task. But the toughest of all, is to tell a story that is continued ...


The Rupa Book Of Spooky Encounters

There exists in all of us a fascination for the supernatural. We find it as we sit tensely in a darkened theatre and let the images that flash by cause our hearts to race faster and faster, or as we listen to continued ...


The Rupa Book Of Travellers Tales

Unforgettable journeys - adventures on land or sea! Fascinating and true stories of travellers who were caught up in unexpected events or tricky situations: a South American revolution, a plane crash in the d continued ...


The Rupa Book of True Tales of Mystery and Adventure

Danger! Perilous journeys lie ahead... The human spirit is indomitable. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in these authentic tales of incredible journeys, shipwreck,imprisonement and torture, treasure-h continued ...


The Rupa Laughter Omnibus

'Laugh and be well!' exclaimed the great Dr. Johnson, and he never spoke truer words. For laughter is certainly good medicine, guaranteed to drive away the blues and improve your general well-being. Rusin Bon continued ...


The Shadow Behind Me

'Bigger and better than ever, the Young Author Contest unearths literary talent in towns and cities across the country - and gives these young writers the kind of encouragement they need.' -Ruskin Bond A liv continued ...


Too Much Trouble

In this delightful collection, Rusking Bond takes us to Dehra Dun, where the young narrator lives with his grandparents and a host of troublesome guests, including and elusive python, a naughty monkey, and eve continued ...

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